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Hotels in Rajasthan

rajasthan hotelsRajasthan is the western Indian state. It is the true land of royals. The state boasts of its rich culture and heritage. Many majestic forts, grand palaces and intricately carved temples mark the state. Rajasthan is also bestowed with abundance of natural beauty. Thousands of tourists visit the state for having glimpses of its historic marvels. Hotels in Rajasthan play a great role in offering cozy and comfortable accommodation to its visitors.

Rajasthan is home to wonderful wildlife also, which draws huge crowd. Most of the cities are famous business centers, so many business travelers visit cities of Rajasthan. Some of its cities are treasure house of traditional handicrafts, jewelries and precious stones and metals. There is large array of hotels in Rajasthan. One can find hotels in Rajasthan according to his choice, taste and budget. There is place for every kind of budget. Hotels in Rajasthan range from heritage hotels, deluxe hotels, first class hotels or budget hotels. Heritage hotels are the special kinds of hotels of Rajasthan where old palaces and haveli are transformed into luxurious accommodations for tourists. Accommodation and facilities in the heritage hotels is a perfect blend of modernism and traditional royal hospitality.

In all the main cities of Rajasthan namely Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and many more, there are deluxe hotels for the global tourists. These hotels have fabulous facilities and amenities to offer all the pleasures and best of hospitality while staying in these hotels. Most of these hotels in Rajasthan are located in or around city centers yet offering a calm and clean atmosphere while inside the hotels.

For the people who want to visit and enjoy the beauty of Rajasthan but budget is constraint with the, then budget hotels in Rajasthan are the best for them. There are all the facilities available to the tourists at affordable prices. The luxury of several five star hotels in Rajasthan is proverbial. Most of the hotels in Rajasthan offer a fabulous setting and a wide array of amenities, activities, conference space and accommodations for both vacationers and business travelers. These hotels are located in a variety of convenient city center locations and are in close proximity to the places of tourist attractions.

Following are the different categories of Hotels in Rajasthan...