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Hotels in Himachal Pradesh

Welcome to Himachal Pradesh, the queen of the hills with its serene topography and the beautiful locales. The superb atmosphere covering the entire environment of the place makes it an exciting place to enjoy your vacation. The state is a major player in attracting tourists from all over the globe making it an international destination. The state authority has ensured the state to be one of the best tourism destinations with excellent facilities which also includes the Accommodation in Himachal Pradesh. The Hotels in Himachal Pradesh are a great place to make a stay and enjoy life amidst the serenity of the place Chail, Kasauli, Dharamshala, and Chamba.

The state of Himachal Pradesh was formed after independence of India in 1947 when 30 princely states were united followed by the recognition of Punjab on 1st of November, 1966 when the area of the state was expanded after some areas of the state were included to it. It was on 25th January, 1971 when the state got the status of a full fledged state. The state shares it internal boundary with Jammu & Kashmir on North, Punjab on West and South-West, Haryana in its South and Uttar Pradesh covering its South-East boundary. The state also shares its international boundary with China on the eastern side.

The state bestows an old and rich cultural heritage that makes it a truly exciting proposition for the tourists. The tourists to the state get an opportunity to enjoy a myriad landscapes offering breathtaking beauty and a variety of fairs and festivals to enjoy. Around 2000 deities are worshipped offering the stage for something or the other every now and then to the visitors to enjoy. The colorful life and the vibrant lifestyle attract thousands to the state.

The Hotels in Himachal Pradesh in India offers the perfect environment to enjoy the best of the state being very close to it. The hotels offer a truly magical experience in terms of accommodation and facilities making every moment in the state a memorable one. Be it any season the colors of Himachal Pradesh are always vibrant.

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