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Hotels in Goa

Goa, Hotels Goa, Resorts Goa Goa is blessed with a picturesque surrounding that attracts many to this tourists' paradise. It nestles between the magnificent hills of the Western Ghats lying on the East, Arabian Sea in the West, coastline of Maharashtra in the North and coastline of Karnataka in the South. A small terrain of only 3500 square kms, Goa offers breathtaking hills covered with cashew nut, swaying coconut palms, attractive glittering rivers and long stretches of sun drenched beaches. This erstwhile Portuguese colony would mesmerize you with its dreamy ambiance, thanks to feni, a locally made drink prepared using cashew or coconut and complemented with a mando (love song). The beautiful sound of guitar, overlapped with the coastal breeze and the rhythmic hum of waves-all add up to take you to a world of dreams. So, there is no better place than the Hotels in Goa if you want to soak the genuine spirit of this place.

Goa, India! where the palm flecked shore of India's western coast spills over with the bounty of nature. And the strains of the mandolin mingle with the gentle lapping of the Arabian Sea, floating up to serenade the stars.

A sparkle of sapphire in the morning, or a diamond scattered fantasy at night. The sea whispers tales of unrequited love and crashes and thunders in the memory of long forgotten cannon fire.

Hotels in Goa are pretty lively, much like the existing mood of this beach area. A wide range of hotels are offered so that the tourists coming here get the flexibility to have their pick according to their convenience. All these Hotels of Goa present well appointed rooms for its boarders coupled with efficient room service. Gourmets staying at these Hotels in Goa would have an enjoyable sojourn as a wide array of exotic foods is on the platter apart from various global cuisines.

Hotels at Goa have ample opportunities to keep the guests busy. At most of these Goa Hotels, fun-filled evenings replete with dance and music are offered to entertain the guests. Many of the Goa Hotels also have their private beaches. So, lazing around under the sun on the white sandy beaches is another good option for the tourists.

Goa has recently carved its own place in the circuit of adventure tourism. Some Hotels Goa offer a variety of water sports like wind surfing, para-sailing, water-skiing etc. for its guests. For those who are not much inclined towards adventure sports, exhaustive tour programs are arranged by these Hotels at Goa.

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