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Hotels in Kolkata

Kolkata, the erstwhile capital of British India is saturated with the air of colonial hangover. The city is full of colonial mansions that the Brits erected all over the city in resemblance of their own capital city back home- London. The colonial mansions are therefore not the only colonial influences in the city. The tram, famous Howrah Bridge and the Victoria Memorial are some of the landmarks that still remind us of the one time masters of the city. The Hotels in Kolkata, available in every shape and size, are strewn all over the city and have managed to maintain the elegance and grandeur well promoted by the British reign.

Kolkata the Indian City of Joy attracts tourists and from far and away. Offering relaxing stay to the tourists and business travellers are the hotels in Kolkata. Most of the Kolkata Hotels are located close to the business and shopping centres or the tourist attractions. There are ample deluxe hotels in Kolkata that are symbols of elegance and hospitality.

Some of the colonial buildings we can see around the city were used for official purposes, while others served as residences of British resident officers. Some of the Victorian looking buildings that dot the cityscape interestingly belonged to aristocrats of the country who took after their colonial masters while designing their own residences. The heritage hotels in Kolkata are therefore replete with the colonial influence, the hangover of which still hangs, in some of the alleys and mansions of the city. In fact some of the very good Hotels In Kolkata In India are housed in these old elegant buildings.

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